Gaming Video Content Market Brief 2015

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Gaming video content is the $3.8B industry you’ve never heard of.

Gaming video content has surged in popularity with the growth of major video platforms like YouTube and Twitch and gaming’s transition into mainstream culture. The industry boasts almost half a billion viewers with content creators and platforms benefitting from multiple revenue streams: gaming videos monetize via traditional advertisements and sponsorships as well as direct investment by fans through subscriptions and donations. As games continue to overrun video content, publishers have a unique opportunity to tap into diverse gamer communities and support tastemakers that consumers trust.

Gaming videos have never been easier to make or access.

Gamers have always watched each other play, from living room couches and arcades to sharing VHS tapes and DVDs. However, easy-to-use online platforms have increased the frequency and volume of gaming videos, leading to new discovery tools for publishers and steady revenue streams for content creators. And with over 486M people watching, internet giants like Google and Amazon are directly investing in expanding gaming video content.

In this report, we identify and examine key gaming video types and platforms, and explore the role of value chain participants. We also review the current landscape of online gaming videos, their different revenue streams and what’s to come for this multi-billion dollar industry.