Eastern Europe Digital Games Market

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  • Eastern Europe’s digital games revenue rises 7% year-over-year. Russia makes up half of the Eastern Europe digital games market with over $1B in revenue. Turkey and Poland take 14% and 20% of the market, respectively.

  • Turkish digital gamers play and pay longer than their Eastern European counterparts, with an average playing lifetime of over three months and an average paying lifetime almost 30% higher than the regional average.

  • eWallets and credit/debit cards account for almost half of all payments in Eastern Europe. Top markets Russia, Turkey and Poland also show a preference for bank transfers as local payment providers continue to dominate the region.

  • The pay-to-play MMO market shows a slower decline in Eastern Europe than in other regions, proving more resilient in countries like Russia and Poland. The market is currently at $205MM, set to decline 7% by next year.

  • High spending and conversion in Eastern Europe makes free-to-play MMOs the largest market in the region at almost $800MM in 2014E revenues. Eastern Europe’s conversion is higher than the continental average and spending is only slightly lower.

  • Localized social networking sites helps social gaming continue its strong growth in Eastern Europe, giving it a 16% annual boost. Although spending lags behind European ARPPU, Eastern Europe’s conversion is on par with the rest of the region showing an increasing maturity for the social market.

  • Growing Android smartphone penetration makes mobile the third largest gaming market in Eastern Europe. Spending continues to trail behind western markets, but high disposal income in Poland and the Czech Republic make them lucrative countries for mobile.

  • Digital PC growth is largely due to high full game conversion and ARPPU. Eastern European countries continue to show wariness toward regular in-game payments to due payment security concerns so full game spending is high. However, piracy continues to be an issue in the region.

  • Digital console is the fastest growing market with 23% year-over-year growth but consoles continue to struggle to find their place in Eastern Europe. Players continue to prefer cheaper and more ubiquitous gaming devices like smartphones and PCs, making digital console the smallest digital games market in Eastern Europe.