De-risking game development in the digital era

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Four strategic questions every game company should ask itself.

Results and findings from a detailed survey study among 41 UK-based game companies in addition to five in-depth case studies, with a focus on evolving customer preferences, value creation, popularity of certain platforms and the ways in which income is generated from interactive entertainment.

  • The total digital games market in the United Kingdom amounts to $2,087 million (£1,306 million) in 2014E, with mobile games as its largest market segment totaling a projected ! annual spend of $812 million (£508 million) for 2014E.
  • Of the companies interviewed in this study over 40% currently develop for mobile and tablet, ! compared to 23% for PC and 19% for console.
  • 63% of respondents have recently changed their business model, and 24% are thinking ! about changing their business models in the near future
  • Respondents emphasize efficiency of their production processes and the importance of strategic partners in de-risking their business model
  • Indie developers assume higher risk by using fewer revenue streams than major publishers
  • Of the game companies in our study, 32% focus on casual gamers, compared to 24% that focus on core gamers.