Digital Games in Asia, 2015

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By the end of 2015, Asia's digital games revenue will reach almost $20 billion, carving out 38% of the worldwide market. The region's revenue will increase by just 5% this year after enormous growth through 2014, making it key for western publishers to be increasingly strategic about their entry into the market.

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 Asia’s year-over-year market growth is forecasted to reach 8% in 2016E. Asia currently accounts for 38% of the worldwide digital games market, and as free-to-play MMOs continue their slow but steady climb they will contribute even more to Asia’s $21B market in 2016E.

Japan outranks China as the largest digital games market in Asia. Despite having less than a tenth of China’s population, Japan’s digital games revenue is 16% higher. This is largely due to high spending on mobile, which earns nearly twice as much as China’s mobile games market.

Nearly a quarter of Asia’s digital games revenue comes from PC games. Asia’s traditionally PC-centric games culture has helped catalyze the transition from retail to digital in the space. This is particularly the case in South Korea, where PC revenue makes up more than a third of the digital games market.